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IEC Advisory understands that to apply accounting methodologies correctly, and to present your business performance in the optimal format, they need to work with you to understand your business.

In doing so we can ensure that your business has financial reporting which is not only compliant but also supports you in driving the success of your business. Whether it be management decisions, funding proposals, contract negotiations, or strategic planning IEC Advisory has the accounting knowledge and experience to support your business.

IEC Advisory aims to provide accounting services which do not just deal with what happened in the past but also support decision making for the future.

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At IEC Advisory we offer a full range of taxation services. Our tax advisors take time to understand the overall objectives and provide quality advice based on proven knowledge and experience. We are supported by real time updates & predictive capabilities from a nationally recognised tax and accounting resource in CCH. Our proactive approach ensures we deliver consistent service and build solid relationships that stand the test of time.

Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives. We provide a complete service of assistance and advice in each of these areas:

  • Advice on, and implementation of, tax effective operating trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Advice on agreements in order to not only understand the commercial but also the taxation outcomes.
  • Preparation & lodgement of compliance returns including:
    • Income tax returns
    • Business Activity statements
    • Fringe Benefits tax
    • Payroll Tax
    • Instalment activity statements
  • Advice on your employer obligations in relation to both superannuation guarantee & PAYG Withholding obligations
  • Advice in relation to Fuel tax credit eligibility and lodgement of claims in relation to same.
  • Managing any ATO audits or disputes

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GST Management

The GST system is a complex and confusing one. Consequently IEC Advisory ensures our team remains up to date with any changes, enabling us to offer you accurate advice.

Every transaction now has an associated GST issue. We are experienced in these issues and can offer expert advice on the GST implications for your business. The GST-related services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Advice on registering for GST
  • Review, correction & lodgement of GST returns
  • ATO audit assistance

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FBT Management


The rules for FBT payments change on a regular basis. At IEC Advisory we keep up to date with the latest tax trends, enabling us to provide accurate advice on preparing FBT returns. We can also advise on the FBT consequences of proposals you intend to make, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Rather than paying excessive amounts of FBT, let the experts answer your tax queries. We can help you develop and complete the administration for a cost-effective employee benefit plan.


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A trust provides a valuable way to protect the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others. Our extensive experience with trusts enables us to offer specialist advice on trust formation and ensures all statutory requirements are met. Obligations for trustees can often be onerous, and our assistance in trust administration can prove invaluable. We can assist with:

  • Preparing and executing the vital documentation required for trust formation
  • Attending to the special requirements involved in reporting for trusts
  • Completing the trust administration:
    • Minute-keeping service
    • Annual accounts
    • Taxation
    • Asset management
    • Investment monitoring
    • Income distribution

Contact Us today to ensure your trust is formed and administered as effectively as possible, covering all legal requirements and guaranteed to fulfill its purpose!

Company Secretary

Company legislation requires businesses to perform several administration tasks that take up a lot of valuable company time. The last thing you need as a business owner is to be stressed out trying to ensure you comply with the Corporations Law. The possible threat of penalties for failing to keep up with the changing rules is too great a risk to take.

At IEC Advisory we can relieve this burden for you. Our services include:   

  • Company formations
  • Filing annual returns on your behalf
  • Preparing all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
  • Maintaining statutory books
  • Assistance with changes of directors, shareholders, addresses, and office details
  • Bonus issues
  • Share transfers
  • Registered office facility

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Farm Accounting

Farm accounting involves specific business, financial, and taxation issues, and a specialist understanding of the industry. At IEC Advisory we keep abreast of the developments in both the farming and accounting industries, ensuring we are uniquely placed to provide up-to-date, accurate advice.

Our services include:

  • Farm budgeting and cash flows
  • Farm sales and purchases
  • Ownership structures
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Taxation
  • Seasonal planning
  • Succession planning
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Rental Property

At IEC Advisory we have the expertise required to assist you in a variety of areas relating to residential and commercial property.

The services we offer include:

  • Taxation and cashflow advice on purchasing a property
  • Advice on funding
  • Guidance in tax minimisation
  • Advice on ownership structure

The importance of forecasts in making a residential investment cannot be emphasised enough. We can provide you with forecasts for:

  • Revenue returns
  • Financial position
  • Potential growth

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Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts are set up to hold money or assets and carry out activities for the benefit of the community. Five main types of charitable trusts exist in Australia:

  • Australian charitable trust
  • General charitable trust
  • Prescribed charitable trust
  • Deductible gift recipient
  • Prescribed private fund

Each type of charitable trust brings with it different requirements and benefits. At IEC Advisory we have done work in the past with organising Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs') for clients with philanthropic goals, and we can assist with the set up and strategy for such charitable trusts.

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