Accounting & Financial Advisory for Individuals & Businesses


SMSF strategic advice and compliance (including pension commencement and strategy, SMSF borrowing and direct investment structural advice).


This type of advice is often sought by people who may wish to take control of their own destiny with SMSF (Not always, but often business owners and senior professionals) and people who may have had defined benefit super options, but then need to take a more active involvement in managing that money once received.

SMSF's are not for everyone, but for those they do suit, they can be flexible and effective wealth accumulation and management vehicles, and quality strategic advice is a must.


Ask yourself the following questions:


Do I have an interest in taking responsibility for my own future and making the most of strategic opportunities with a SMSF?

If I were to pass away, is there enough funds to care for my dependants, and is the legal paperwork in place to ensure the right money gets into the right hands at the right time?

Is my superannuation being invested and managed properly, and will it be adequate to fund my retirement?


If you are not sure if you can answer these questions, please book a complementary appointment to discuss your options.

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