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Are you a Primary Producer who is after a strategic opportunity?

One of the major drawbacks of holding farming land within SMSF has been removed.

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The Basics of Investing

Need help with Investing?

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 Click here to access the checklist

Stocks or Property:

Where to Invest Next?

Click on this link to read this interesting article, from The Australian Journal of Financial planning  by Roger Montgomery

Are you a small business?

Are you aware of the BAS reporting changes?

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Do You Employ Backpackers?


Make sure you're not overtaxing your backpackers by following these requirements.


Super Reform at a Glance

Reforms have been made recently in regards to Superannuation in the following areas:

    Concessional & Non-Concessional Contributions
    Pension Limits
    Transition to Retirement Pension

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REMINDER: Fuel Tax Credit rate change 1 February 2017.

Fuel tax credits have increased for fuel acquired after 1 February 2017, in accordance with the CPI increase. These rates are indexed twice a year.

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Why insurance is important – real benefits for you and your family

Insurance is all about protecting what you have now and what you need to have in the event of the unexpected.

As you travel through life, the protection you need is likely to change.  The key to selecting the right insurance is understanding your present needs and making sure you have both the right sort and level of cover.

Being over-insured is a waste of money, but it is also a financial risk to have too little insurance in place. With this in mind, let's look at the types of insurance that may be particularly relevant to each life stage.

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