There are several key changes in FY2018.

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Simpler BAS System.

Overdue Tax Debt could impact on your credit rating.


Deductible Superannuation contribution – Change to self-employed test.

Reduced Concessional contribution limit.

Employer obligations:

Annual PAYG Payment summary statement due.

Single Touch Payroll (Employers with >20 employees).

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Simpler BAS System

The ATO has advised that the Goods and services tax (GST) reporting on the business activity statement (BAS) is getting easier for small business. This is due to a change to GST reporting called Simpler BAS. With Simpler BAS, from 1 July 2017 small businesses will have less GST information to report on their BAS.

From 1 July 2017, Simpler BAS is the default reporting method for small businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million. They have less GST information to report on their BAS.

Small businesses will only need to report:

  • G1 Total sales
  • 1A GST on sales
  • 1B GST on purchases

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Overdue Tax Debt could impact on your credit rating

Recently, the government announced its intention to allow the Australian Taxation Office the power to inform credit reporting bureaus of long outstanding tax debts.

From 1 July 2017, any tax debt for a business over $10,000 and 90 days overdue may appear on that businesses credit rating.

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Superannuation - Removal of 10% rule from 1 July 2017

From 1 July 2017, irrespective of your status as self-employed or working as an employee for wages, you can now claim a deduction for concessional superannuation contributions made from after tax income.

Individuals aged below 75 will be able to claim a deduction for their personal contributions to a complying superannuation fund even if their income is derived wholly from employment or they are retired. The 10% rule will no longer prevent a deduction.

Please note the concessional contribution limits will apply. See below.

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Superannuation - Reduced Concessional Contribution Cap

Do you or your employee's salary sacrificed contributions to superannuation? Do you make tax deductible contributions to superannuation?

From 1st July 2017, the concessional superannuation cap has been reduced to $25,000 each for all ages. Ensure you don't breach your limit by advising your employer or changing your automatic contributions.

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Did you pay employees during the year?

In line with the normal process you were required to provide your employees with a PAYG payment summary by the 14th July 2017. This shows how much income they earned and how much tax you took out of their pay for the financial year (1 July to 30 June). You also need to provide a copy of each employee's PAYG payment summary, as well as a PAYG payment summary statement with the ATO by 14 August 2017.

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Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations. Employers will be able to report salary or wages, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super information to the ATO direct from their payroll solution, at the same time they pay their employees. There will also be more options for completing tax and super forms online. Employers with 20 or more employees must start reporting through Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018.